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80 Minute Body Renew Deluxe - Includes:  Full Body Massage,       Weight Loss Light Therapy and Bodytone  Cellulite Treatment                                                                                            125.00

40 Minute Bodytone Cellulite Treatment                                         55.00

60 Minute Bodytone Massage and Cellulite Treatment                75.00

80 Minute Bodytone Massage and Cellulite Treatment                95.00

50 Minute Massage                                                                              55.00

80 Minute Massage                                                                              80.00

Six-80 Minute Bodytone Treatments   (66.50 each)                   399.00

Six-60 Minute Bodytone Treatments   (49.83 each)                   299.00

Tummytone  Weight Loss Treatment                                             125.00

50 Minute Body Renew Light Therapy                                              55.00 

   The Bodytone cellulite treatment is non-invasive and uses massage, endovibratory therapy and heated ultra-sonic to increase circulation and  improve skin tone.              

     For available appointment times, please call 505-312-8728


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Massage Therapist                                                          Esthetician

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